2400VA 1440W trolley inverter

This inverter powers equipment up to 1440W.

These inverters are modified sine-wave inverters and are not recommended for all appliances. These inverters are only recommended for use with standard IT and electrical devices, but not for sensitive devices (such as medical devices), compressors or motors.

Ideal for:

Not recommended for:

  • Motors
  • Fans
  • Fridges
  • Air conditioners
  • Medical devices

What you need:

Need a cheaper solution? Don’t need 1440Watts?
Also available in 720Watts.

What you need:

Need the best value for money? Don’t need a fancy enclosure?
Both 720W and 1440W are available without the trolley enclosure.


You can save by buying the “open-air” inverter if you have a hiding place for the inverter and battery (cupboards must have enough space for air flow).

What you need:

  • Mecer 1200VA 720W inverter (Buy now)
    Requires 1x 100Ah batteries (Buy now)
  • Mecer 2400VA 1440W inverter (Buy now)
    Requires 2x 100Ah batteries (Buy now)